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I’m a speaker and freelance writer, mentor and blind adventurer…helping people to see beyond an obstacle and embrace it as their next stepping stone to success!

California Speaking Tour 2018

Follow my journey as I travel to the United States to speak at the American Foundation for the Blind Leadership Conference in Oakland, California in just a few weeks time! (April 5-7th).

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Life is so much more than losing our sight and I encourage others to embrace their fears by moving beyond limitations. Artfully living is key.

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Walking my Talk.

Would you like a presentation guaranteed to help people see from a different perspective?


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Maribel Steel is a published author, writer and inspirational speaker who loves to share life from a positive perspective. She is legally blind with Retinitis Pigmentosa. Harry Williamson creates music images and video at his studio in Melbourne, Australia

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Maribel Steel

Maribel Steel

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Harry Williamson

Harry Williamson

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Vision Quest

Maribel created this unique event in central Melbourne to bring sighted and vision impaired people together to explore sights, sounds and textures of the iconic arts precinct.

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