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Mastering the Challenge of Being Blind

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WELCOME…… to my website, a place where you can view life  from a new vantage point.


We all face major changes in our lives at some stage.  How can we embrace the challenge  and use the situation to work in our favour?


Congratulations – today is the day you can start to see life differently!



I am here to offer support, or nurture your curiosity and to introduce you to a whole new way of seeing your life’s challenge in a positive light.

A major life challenge is a daunting prospect . Mine was losing my eyesight as I did in my teen years. What I have learned are life skills that can apply to ANY challenge…it doesn’t matter what has triggered it, it is how we step forward that counts.

Now that you are here, I’m delighted to be your mentor to help you overcome the fear we all face when change first appears.

Here is the starting point:

if this life-challenge is your reality now, how you choose to keep seeing your world will either make or break you.

How you choose to accept the change is the key to your empowerment.

• seize the challenge and you take hold of opportunity

• attitude is the seed of personal potential: nurture it and positive growth is inevitable

• letting go is not giving up; it is accepting new gifts

• you’re not alone – life is a shared experience

Your Choice

If you are facing such a challenge, you already possess the skills required to set your sights on a new horizon. Where we begin is to look at our attitudes.

It’s really not necessary to struggle, feeling trapped between two worlds – the one you feel slipping away from your comfort zone and the new one beckoning.

Life is about making choices. Being in control of your attitude is empowering!

When the student is ready, the teacher appears

My hand is extended to greet you, and my pen poised to write words of encouragement in aiding your journey along the next phase of your life, filled with positive experiences that I hope will astound you!

I can help you to see the advantages in accepting a different way of being.  I whole-heartedly encourage you to take up new skills that work in enhancing your experience of life.

I’m not suggesting we get around with rose-tinted glasses as it can be rough at times. What I can do for you is to offer suggestions that may steer you back on life’s track, on those difficult days when frustration is overwhelming.

Be gentle on yourself and your expectations – this is a new adventure you have been called to embark upon  – sometimes taking a step back to  rest allows your intuition to guide your next powerful choice.

Words of encouragement

“Absolutely beautiful. I love how you interweave your language. You come to a strong and brave conclusion that blindness is an attitude, and it is up to you how you handle it. There is much beauty to your truths.” Amanda Socci – The Creative Gal

“An amazing, inspiring writer, thinker and now friend who has embraced me and my writing and has inspired and reminded me I am on the right writing path.” Sarah Martin – Poet

” Thank you Maribel, it was awesome to meet such an kind intelligent woman. You really show how much as humans we can handle and overcome.” Ben – Student

“I have visited your website and I loved it. You have a wonderful gift of warm, genuine communication – which is why you are a writer!” Beryl Beenie – Reader


My Gift To You

Life is full of challenge. We can’t escape the reality of pain but we all possess valuable tools, readily accessible to help us overcome the challenge and turn it into our next stepping stone to personal success.Maribel - red jacket

It’s a way of life – a beautiful life you can craft…differently.

As a new mentor, I offer you direct access via email  because I believe in personally connecting with others to share our experiences more effectively.

Happy reading wherever you find yourself. My warmest wishes to each and every one of you. Maribel


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