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Mastering Blindness


Are you frightened by the thought  of Vision Loss?

Is the concept of diving into the unknown scaring the living daylights out of you?

Or maybe you have been struggling with vision loss and are finding the roller coaster of negative emotions a wild adventure you hadn’t bargained for.

For whatever reason – you are here and it is so exciting to welcome you to a place where I can help guide you to a new vantage point.


Congratulations – today is the day you can start to see life differently!

I am here to offer support, or nurture your curiosity and to introduce you to a whole new way of seeing your life’s challenge in a positive light.

It can be the most daunting prospect if you, or a loved one,  are facing pending blindness.

I have heartwarming news for you – because I was faced with the same life challenge in my teen years and now that you are here, I’m delighted to be your mentor and friend to help you overcome the fear of losing sight.

When you begin to notice your eyesight fading, how can you stop the cycle of fear from taking over. It’s almost impossible, right?

But here is one key: if losing your sight is a reality now, how you choose to keep seeing your world will either make or break you. How you choose to accept the change is the key to your true empowerment.


7 Inspiring Truths

  • Blindness is a word, not a sentence.

  • Seize the challenge and you take hold of opportunity.

  • Attitude is the seed of personal potential: nurture it and positive growth is inevitable.

  • Letting go is not giving up; it is accepting new gifts.

  • It’s never too late to come to your senses.

  • You’re not alone – life is a shared experience.

  • It’s a beautiful world when we learn the ART of being blind.


Your Choice

If you are facing such a challenge, you actually already possess the skills required to set your sights on a new horizon. Where we begin is to look at our attitudes.

It’s really not necessary to struggle, feeling trapped between two worlds – the one you feel is slipping away from your comfort zone and the new one beckoning. Life is about making choices, being in control of your attitude is empowering!

There is a beautiful saying that states ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’.

My hand is extended to greet you, and my pen poised to write words of encouragement in aiding your journey along the next phase of your life into the world unseen, to a positive experience that I hope will astound you!

Not only can I help you to see the advantages in accepting a different way of being, I whole heartedly encourage you to take up new skills that work in enhancing your experience of life even as sight fades and to explore this new craft I call Mastering the ART of Being Blind.

I’m not suggesting we get around with rose-tinted glasses as it can be rough at times. But I can offer suggestions that may steer you back on course on those difficult days when frustration can be overwhelming. One tact that has worked for me is to be gentle on myself and my expectations by taking a step back, rest and allow my intuition to feel what is best for me in that moment.


Words of encouragement

“Absolutely beautiful. I love how you interweave your language. You come to a strong and brave conclusion that blindness is an attitude, and it is up to you how you handle it. There is much beauty to your truths.” Amanda Socci – The Creative Gal

“An amazing, inspiring writer, thinker and now friend who has embraced me and my writing and has inspired and reminded me I am on the right writing path.” Sarah Martin – Poet

“I am honored to be part of the series on the art of being blind. The topics are so compelling I look forward to listening to each chapter. Keep up the great writing.” Jeff Flodin – Writer

“It’s such a pleasure reading these blog posts and seeing how your confidence and skill as a writer and communicator has grown over such a short time. The posts are great, and the images so well chosen.” Lyndel Caffrey Author – Writing Mentor

“I have visited your website and I loved it. You have a wonderful gift of warm, genuine communication – which is why you are a writer!I would love to have a copy of your book.” Beryl Beenie – Reader



So who is Maribel Steel?

I am a creative and positive person who enjoys inspiring others to see how losing sight is not the end of the world, but the door to a new way of being.

I share my knowledge and life experience as a legally blind person to write from the vantage point that life is full of challenge. We can’t escape the reality of pain but we all possess valuable tools, readily accessible to help us seize the challenge and turn it into our next stepping stone to personal success.

I am an author and writer who has coined the phrase ‘Mastering the ART of Being Blind’. I am also a Peer Advisor for VisionAware (AFB).

It is a personal philosophy I am passionate to share because I know it to be a true way of life!

I am also a mother and vocalist, nature lover and playful positive thinker.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with two beautiful men: my partner Harry, who is my personal wizard, and my son, Mike, my muse and young teacher.

At fifteen, I learned two words that changed the course of my life forever – Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to journey towards the foreign landscape where blindness leads because it is a gift which enables me to trust my other senses: to hear, to touch, to smell, to intuit, to love and to laugh.

It’s a way of life – to master the ART of being blind, by crafting life differently.

“By learning to bear witness to our own pain and responding with kindness and understanding, rather than greeting difficult emotions by fighting hard against them, we open ourselves up to genuine healing and a new experience of living; this is self-compassion.” Jennifer Chrisman (Tiny Buddha)


Seize the Day – Become the artist shaping your own life

It is an honour and a pleasure to welcome you to my community of like-minded people and discover the craft in the new ‘art school’ of life, where all you need is a willing heart and the desire to take hold of this ‘blind thing’ and shape it into the life you really want to live.


My Gift To You

As a new mentor and friend, I offer you direct access via email correspondence because I believe in personally connecting with others to share our experiences more effectively.

The only step you need to take at this present moment is to decide whether you would like to learn more about the ART of being blind.

If you want to begin shaping your life with a new perspective and a clear vision, follow this link and you can subscribe to my blog where posts appear regularly.

Gateway to Blindness


I look forward to welcoming you!


This website is my ‘landing pad’ where you can browse my other projects in comfort.

My blog is the ‘launching platform’ where an extensive archive of posts can be found and where new articles are posted.

Happy reading wherever you choose to be. My warmest wishes to each and all of you.


“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint,

and that voice will be silenced.”  Vincent Van Gogh


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Exciting news!

Here is the audio interview where I speak with the charming Phil Kafcaloudes, presenter of the popular morning breakfast show on Radio Australia.
Maribel ABC Interview Jan 2014