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Mastering the Challenge of Being Blind

Maribel stepping out with blindness

Yay – you are here!

Welcome to my world, where you can view living with a challenge from a new vantage point.

My mission is to help you master life’s unexpected challenges differently.


We all face major changes in our lives at some stage, but how can we embrace the challenge often imposed on our way of being and use the situation to work in our favour?

I can help you here…


Whether you are experiencing vision loss or another major life-challenge, I encourage you to bring the mirror of truth up close to see the hidden potential buried within this new situation.


It can be the most daunting prospect if you are facing a major life challenge, like losing your eyesight as I did in my teen years. What I have gained is life skills that can apply to facing ANY challenge…it doesn’t matter what has triggered it, it is how we move forward that matters.


Here is the starting point:

if this life-challenge is your reality now, how you choose to keep seeing your world will either make or break you. How you choose to accept the change is the key to your true empowerment.

For example, did you know there are many benefits to being blind?

I wouldn’t have said this thirty five years ago as my vision began to fade but many insights have opened my mind to embrace the thought that being blind is an art, a way to craft a meaningful and exciting life with grace and elegance.


It is the ART of being blind I can help you to master too

as we craft this life with new tools. Together, we create a new perspective by embracing the reality of your life-challenge and take action with steps that you are comfortable to make.



If you want to know how to:

  • say ‘yes’ and embrace uncertainty
  • seize the challenge and take hold of opportunity
  • let go of old ways to accept new gifts
  • nurture new potential and see it gro daily
  • treasure the skills of all the other senses


GREAT! – you’re not alone – life is a shared experience

Next step?

You can follow me – my articles will open a portal to a new way of seeing the golden potential in your own life by letting go of fear and keeping your vision clear.

It’s really not necessary to struggle, feeling trapped between two worlds – the one you feel is slipping away from your comfort zone and the new one beckoning.

So come on over to where it’s all happening, to where you can read more about the advantages in accepting a different way of being.

Start crafting anew in the school of life and take up new skills that work in enhancing your experience of life as you move step by step to master the ART of your life!


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