Jump into Your Dreams

Have you noticed how children have the ability to expect anything their hearts desire?
They dream big, persist with requests and sit back and wait for their grand imaginings to be delivered – and without too much delay. As writers, we can learn a thing or two from our creative youngsters.

Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.
Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.’   Gloria Steinem

Children don’t stop for a moment to talk themselves out of their grand desires, even if as a parent, you point out, ‘Sorry, darling. We can’t afford it.’ You can see their eyes glaze over with a defiant stare as thoughts tick louder in their warrior-like minds, and later, you overhear them enrolling their grandparents into their plans.

You tell them off for continuing their crazy notions to achieve their impossible scheme.
But it works! Next birthday and hey presto – their excitement is uncontainable. Not only did they manage to get what they wanted, they experienced something very special, another victory!

How would it be if you could do the same in the pursuit of your creative goals?
Copy the child’s innate ability to understand the law of attraction: dream + plan = possibility.

But as adults, somewhere in our growing up, we experienced the unthinkable – failure.
Our dreams were brought crashing to the ground and we became afraid to think big again, to reach for the stars, to launch another dream. The disappointment was so great, our mind took control of our heart, saying, Trust me. You’re not doing that again.

In certain situations, this is great advice from the voice of reasoning, so you don’t make terrible mistakes over and over again. But your mind also likes to hold down your own dreams and has the canny ability to come up with dozens of reasons, in nano-seconds, why your heart’s desire can’t possibly come true.

The booming voice of reason does its utmost to drown out your passions, creating an internal disquiet. It’s like that internal editor we all possess as writers who gives their unsolicited opinion that stops your creative flow.

This is when the ‘fun’ begins. You have a choice to either listen to reason, agree with those obvious reasons why your desire is not going to happen, or you can be bold and hold on to your true feelings.

In my lifetime, I have seen how manifesting dreams to become a reality can work by following the same formula inherent in the child’s manifesto. It might be child’s-play to them but, boy, can it be hard work for us adults!

Your dream is believable.

Whatever it is you feel brave to dream, let the heart soar with the thought of potential.
Be like the child-warrior, knowing you want this is more real than knowing how to answer the doubting questions coming thick and fast. The warrior (not worry-er) believes with all their heart, and that is it. No asking how or what if; it is the phase of ‘I desire this because it feels right’.

With effort, your dream is achievable

You have dared to dream and now it is time to make plans. You go on the quest to seek out those people who might be able to take you one step closer to your grand vision. You don’t need to convince them, you need to inspire them. The danger is taking ‘no’ from someone else as your answer. Keep going, throw the dice again and move forward (even if you feel you’re going no-where).  Remember, it’s child’s-play, you can’t give up easily.

Hit and Miss

That’s right, your dream will take off and bring you to a place of amazement and uncontainable joy or it may take you in a totally different direction than you had planned.

Either way, trust is your outcome.

You played the game, you dared to dream and you learned to trust the warrior-soul.
You didn’t give up the quest and you have gained all the persistence of a brave heart to try again… Go on, you’ve got nothing to lose when you dare to dream and be inspired by your creative muse…
Copyright 2017 Maribel Steel

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