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woman looking through a signIt’s been a year of activity behind the scenes at my writer’s desk and as we look towards a New Year, I’ve begun to dig deeper into the well-spring of creativity. I have a plan and aim to lead you on an inspired journey in 2017.

‘When a poet digs himself into a hole, he doesn’t climb out. He digs deeper,enjoys the scenery, and comes out the other side enlightened.’

Criss Jami

To begin with, Harry has helped me to design this brand new website so we can include an exciting AUDIO feature – allowing us to record some of my stories and articles as well as offer some clips of our music. How cool is that!

With his web-wizardry, we can combine my writings in this one place – making it easier for you to find articles which have been scattered all over the internet. Yes, we’ve tidied up our act and are looking forward to bringing you the best yet in 2017!

The Creative Muse

I love the profession of writing, especially when one is brave enough to follow the creative muse down  the ‘rabbit holes’ which can lead to bright and new inspiration. One of my new ventures is to provide you with links that offer great tips and ideas on the craft of writing.

First to get you in the Creative mood is:

The Creativist Club with Orna Ross is beginning in January. It’s a place for people to share in all things creative by supporting each other’s ideas and ventures.

I’ll be there with my creative muse and hope you might like to bring yours too?

Drum roll….and if everything goes to plan, I am also about to begin scripting and recording a series of podcasts on Writing Your Memoir with Harry in our recording studio.

My heartfelt thanks to Pris Rogers, , the program manager at VisionAware, who has kindly supported the venture and who will trial the first Podcast  very soon.

Start the Year on a Positive Quote‘ is a collection of 17 quotes to help cultivate acceptance, courage and perseverance to nurture your seeds of creativity to fruition. Link coming soon.

So stay tuned and let’s have a creative year together! Over to you. Got your plans for 2017 in draft? Let us know in the comment box…

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