Peek Inside Dialogue in the Dark on ABC Radio National


Karen Hayes CEO of Guide Dogs Victoria and Maribel Steel talk with radio host, Patricia Karvelas in “The Drawing Room.”

It was a real thrill to be invited to talk with Karen and Patricia in this radio interview as if having a casual chat over a glass of chilled white (alas, not provided) to take the listener behind the scenes of the exhibition that is new to Melbourne and where, as one of the 13 blind or vision-impaired tour guides, I am privy to how it is making a difference in the lives of those who visit the exhibition.

Karen and I were a formidable radio duo!

Listen now

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Dialogue in the Dark Melbourne

More Than Darkness: We are Part of a Social Enterprise

Dialogue in the Dark International

“From darkness to transformative learning.”

Visit the home of Dialogue in the Dark, and learn just how far it has travelled through 41 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

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