I want to help you realise your highest potential and encourage you to make your life abundant, beautiful and brilliant!

Some focus on the topic of living with low vision while others, are on the craft of writing –so check it out throughout the year

As an inspirational speaker, here is what I offer as  presentations supported by Power Point:

A Loveable Life: How to Create a Positive Vision

The 7 Essential Colours for Intuitive Living

The Colour of Flexibility: 9 Key Qualities

Are We There Yet? Tales of Blind Travel

4 thoughts on “Presentations”

  • The students who met Maribel have since followed her lead, moving further on their personal pathways to success by achieving their dreams of gaining employment! One even starting her own business – which all grew from the strength, courage and trust demonstrated by Maribel. Her extraordinary energy and courageous contribution as she shared her story of being diagnosed in going blind when in her teens, and her victorious journey to become independent was a joy to experience. In fact I have never gotten over it.’

    Avril Lochhead, Educational Trainer

  • ‘Whenever I have observed Maribel in a group situation she has demonstrated boundless energy, coupled with the ability to motivate and inspire others in the group.’

    Rita Moore Program Coordinator. Vision Australia

  • ‘Maribel’s willingness to solve problems by ‘having a go’ and being resourceful were the first attributes which impressed me. She’s an impressive public speaker who also has a sense of humour.

    Hazel Edwards O.A.M. Author & National Reading Ambassador

  • Maribel Steel is, without question, a demonstrated Australian cultural leader and influencer – who also happens to be blind. She has begun working intensively to bring her message of hope, engagement and artistic expression to the world. I have the highest regard for Maribel’s leadership abilities.

    Maureen A. Duffy, VisionAware

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