Vision is not just for the sighted… it’s a quest to see beyond disability
You are warmly invited to take part in a specially designed walking challenge Melbourne’s first Vision-quest!
A community event hosted by local visually-impaired author, speaker
and advocate for the blind, Maribel Steel.

Vision-quest aims to:

    • demonstrate the ART of living with vision impairment
    • demystify what it means to be blind or visually-impaired
    • offer the unique experience of seeing through ‘blind eyes’ for a day
    • provide an opportunity for people to share lived experiences
    • raise awareness and increase understanding of all abilities

Watch the Vision Quest You-tube video

‘I loved being part of Maribel’s Inaugral Vision Quest Team and look forward to her vision of opening our eyes to all possibilities being expanded exponentially. Thanks to you Maribel, for opening my eyes – and also to your terrific Team for a truly beautiful Melbourne experience!’
Avril Lochhead, Educational Trainer

Maribel Steel is, without question, a demonstrated Australian cultural leader and influencer – who also happens to be blind. She has begun working intensively to bring her message of hope, engagement and artistic expression to the world. I have the highest regard for Maribel’s leadership abilities.

Maureen A. Duffy, VisionAware

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