Many Different Hats

Have a listen to a new recording of Many Different Hats by Maribel, read by Carol Middleton and recorded at  Spring Studio

the music is from a forthcoming album by Harry Williamson

2 thoughts on “Many Different Hats”

  • “Many Hats” was outstanding, Maribel!
    Clear voice, great lead-in and exit-from music to accompany it. I laughed at the “Don’t Panic” hat as I have to put that on so many times … but I loved the way you ended it with your “razor-sharp wit, courage..” etc. Your narrator had a nice, pleasant, clear voice. Looking forward to listening to more of your entertaining, insightful stories, Maribel!

    • Thanks so much Amy – the team here really appreciate your kind words. It’s great to also show case Harry’s music, blends so well with audio stories. My narrator will be pleased too. Go well on your projects too. Maribel

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