Mastering Daily Challenges Living with Blindness

Melbourne author Maribel Steel shares her positive experience of living with blindness


“Melbourne-based freelance writer and blogger Maribel Steel began to lose vision in the seventies. She was fifteen.  Strong-willed, she decided then to find other ways of doing things and was determined not to let vision impairment get her down.

She says becoming blind never stopped her enjoying what life had to offer. Growing up, she got her sighted friends to adapt. Finding a career path was a bit more of a challenge as opportunities for vision impaired people were limited.  But she carved an inspiring path for herself and others.

She has travelled, written a recipe book, My Mother’s Harvest, and has become a motivational speaker on the topic of living with blindness and the daily challenges to overcome.” Radio Australia

Take a front row seat, bring along your cup of coffee and enjoy the conversation!


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