Sounds Like Melbourne

Harry and I often find places we love to explore and go on recording outings or photo shoots to capture our favourite destinations.

Roll the tape….come and listen to the sounds of Melbourne as Harry and I discover both intimate and social places as tourists in our home city.


Your wisdom was tremendous. I was touched and thrilled to hear you so eloquent, fun, cheeky and honest. love your work.’

Podcast listener

1 thought on “Sounds Like Melbourne”

  • You hooked me with the clip-clopping of the horses at the start of my auditory tour to Melbourne! I imagined Clydesdale horses. How wonderful to hear the music and different singers along with the enthusiastic descriptions of the museums and gardens between you and Harry. The entire outing was fascinating! Love, love, loved it! Creative, exuberant audio glimpse into Melbourne! Thank you!

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